Passive Home Builds

Passive House buildings are becoming more and more sought after by our clients in the Comox Valley. The inhabitants of Vancouver Island tend to be very energy conscious and concerned with their carbon footprint, making Passive House builds extremely popular in recent years.

What is Passive House?

Passive House is a building standard for energy efficiency in a building that results in a reduction of the building’s ecological footprint. Passive House builds require little energy for heating and cooling. Passive House standards are currently voluntary in British Columbia, however BC’s target is to have all new buildings be “net zero energy” ready by 2032.


Passive House Benefits

If you’re liking the sound of having a more energy efficient home, you’ll be thrilled to hear the other benefits that passive homes provide. Not only are passive homes great for the environment and helpful in our effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they are also great for the comfort and health of those who occupy these buildings. Occupants of passive home builds (whether it be a home, school or office building) tend to experience higher levels of comfort and maintain healthier lives due to the controlled temperatures and increased fresh air throughout the building. Passive homes also help reduce noise pollution due to the improved insulation and are more durable overtime. 


Passive House in British Columbia

Since British Columbia is working towards being “net zero energy” ready by 2032, our team at Lacasse Construction want to ensure we are ahead of the curve and ready to assist our clients with their Passive House dreams. The government has set out a framework of milestones that must be hit, however we strive to do better and are working towards hitting these milestones well ahead of the government deadlines. Energy efficient homes are extremely important to our clients, so we are working hard to make sure we are able to offer our clients the level of expertise and service they want and deserve.


Passive House Certification

In order to receive the Passive House Certification, designers, consultants and tradespeople have to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skill required to plan and execute Passive House projects. Our team has gone through the rigorous training program to become certified Passive House Installers and is ready to bring their Passive House expertise to Vancouver Island.


Our team members are excited and proud to be able to offer their skills and knowledge to help build more Passive House buildings on Vancouver Island. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful, natural environment and are thrilled to contribute to the long-term wellbeing of Vancouver Island by building homes and buildings that are eco-friendly and good for the health of the occupants.

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